June 25, 2024


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Commercial Solar Installation in New Orleans: Your Partner in Lighting up your Business

Commercial solar installation in New Orleans has been all over the area for the past years. Commercial buildings need a good electricity system to be able to run everything smoothly. With the size of the building, owners have to deal with a big amount of electricity bills. New Orleans has been promoting the use of solar energy even way back in 2005, especially among business structures. Most businesses need a high level of energy to preserve their products for cold storage or warehouses for instance. Big buildings like hotels and commercial buildings also need large amounts of energy to run all their facilities. Commercial solar installations in New Orleans are open in dealing with businessmen on how they can enhance their structure by having a solar panel system installed in their structures. Solar LED lights emit a soft, high-visibility light that resembles sunlight.

What Commercial Solar Installation in New Orleans Has to Offer

Solar Panel System Installation

Each solar company has its own packages that they can offer to their clients. They can give you an ideal plan for your building structure. Each business has its unique needs when it comes to having a solar panel system installed. Solar companies have expertise structures of solar panel systems that can fit for each commercial structure. Solar companies may offer you to install more than one solar panel system to be able to increase the energy you can store and save it for future usage. Business can run better if there are no interruptions when a power outage happens.

Remote Assistance 24/7

Since solar panel systems are used for business purposes, close monitoring is needed to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Solar companies offer this service once you have your solar installation. They want to make sure that there will be no issues with their solar products that they use in your business structures. Repairs can be done remotely if the issues are on the system but if it’s on the structure itself, solar technicians are ready to be dispatched just in case you need assistance in your solar panel system. Technical teams are highly trained in making the assessment and repairing faults of solar panel systems. Solar companies hire people who are fully trained to be able to give high-quality customer service.

Reduction of Bills up to 50%

Using a solar panel system in your business can help you lower down your electricity consumption, therefore lowering your bills to up to 50%. This percentage is big enough to aid you in cost-cutting your expenses and divert the funds to a more important matter that can grow your business better. Bills are reduced since you can now maximize energy by earning enough solar power during day time and store in your solar batteries to power up your building and facilities during night time.

Commercial rates for electricity is far higher compared with residential rates, being able to save half of your monthly bills is already a big advantage for the company. Your worries about increasing electricity prices will also be eliminated since your source of power is now solar. Solar resources will never be scarce even if everyone decides to go solar.

Solar Panel System Maintenance    

The solar panel system needs cleaning and restoration. Just like any other machine, solar panels and their structures need to be monitored if they are in good condition to be able to perform their function well. Solar companies do regular checkups on the units they have installed to ensure that everything is functioning well. Annual checkups are mandatory or more often are better. Some solar companies offer packages that already include maintenance of solar panel systems installed in your commercial structures.

Commercial solar installation in New Orleans covers all the necessary assistance their clients need. They want to have a good reputation not only to increase their market but also to maintain a good relationship with their present solar panel system users. Commercial businesses can benefit a lot from using the Solar Panel system in enhancing their services in whatever field of business they are in. Investing in solar panel systems will be worth it since it can help business owners manage their usage of energy and save funds they have earned from the reduction of electricity bills to other projects instead.