July 25, 2024


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Discount Rugs – Buying a Discount Area Rug

Discount Rugs – Buying a Discount Area Rug

A quality area rug for your home can be an expensive proposition. A fine Oriental rug, for instance, can easily set you back several thousand dollars. Rather than settling for a cheap alternative, you can find top quality rugs at discount prices if you shop carefully, both online and off. If you do, though, be sure to educate yourself as to the characteristics of the rug that you’re buying to avoid paying far too much for a cheap imitation rather than getting a genuine bargain on the real thing.

Research your subject – Whether you’re searching for a fine Oriental rug or a striking Mahdavi contemporary design, learn enough about the way the rug is made and its hallmarks to make sure that you get the genuine article. When shopping discount ads and online web sites, watch out for words like ‘just like’, ‘faux genuine’ and other tricky wordings to make you believe that you are paying a discount price for an expensive rug.

While you’re doing research, check out the credentials of the seller. Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints, and do a search for the company name online. There are many watchdog web sites where consumers air their gripes about various companies. It’s a quick and easy way to check out the reputation of an online discount rug dealer.

Shop Reputable Dealers – You’ll find excellent discounts even among high end dealers of fine rugs. Keep your eye out for end-of-season sales on contemporary and classically styled rugs as dealers clean out their inventories to make way for new arrivals and styles.

Get a Guarantee – Especially if you’re shopping a discount rug dealer online and buying sight unseen, be certain that you get a guarantee on your purchase. Know the return policy in case the rug isn’t quite what you were led to believe.

Shop Discount, Job Lot and Surplus Stores – There are a number of local and national chains that specialize in buying surplus inventory, job lots, and inventory from insurance claims from companies that have had fires, floods or gone bankrupt. In the Northeastern United States, one of the most well-known, Building 19, often carries inventories of Oriental carpets at deep discounts. If you check around, you’ll find a discount or surplus store near you where you can find many styles and colors of rugs and carpets for your home.