May 20, 2024


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Facebook’s latest home feed focuses on recommended content

There’s increasing pressure on Meta to show more content in chronological order, and the company is responding — if not quite in the way you might have expected. Facebook has launched Home and Feeds tabs that simultaneously offer more control while giving the social network more opportunities to push recommendations. The Feeds tab shows posts from friends, groups and Pages in a linear timeline, but the Home tab uses Facebook’s discovery engine to recommend posts, Reels and other content, including from people you don’t follow.

The tabs will appear in the shortcut bar of Facebook’s Android and iOS apps starting today, and should roll out worldwide this week. The Home tab will open by default, but you can pin the Feeds tab to the shortcut bar to make sure it’s always available.

The social media giant has previously made concessions to people who prefer chronological viewing. In March of last year, it gave users quick access to a “Most Recent” setting for the News Feed. As The Verge noted, though, this appears to be an effort to compete with TikTok’s recommendation-driven approach to videos without dropping the usual focus on friends and Pages. Meta lost daily Facebook users for the first time in the third quarter of 2021, and has struggled to return to its previously rapid growth. In theory, this shift toward recommendations will keep users coming back without alienating those who just want to interact with their friends.

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