April 20, 2024


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Pool Excavation: Four Questions That Is Crucial Asking

Pool professionals often fail to understand that everyday customer lacks the depth of knowledge regarding pool excavation that they have taken long years to acquire. As a result, swimming pool removal results in miscommunication regarding services, products, construction process, and misunderstanding of what happens during the process in the backyard. So, the purpose of this blog post is to discuss the most common pool excavation process and what critical questions you should ask the contractors. 

Some questions crucial to know for pool excavation:

  1. What if water or rock hits when you dig? 

You need to remember that the backyard is like a box of chocolates. Without performing a soil test, the contractor will never know what might hit when digging your backyard. However, nothing will matter unless one of these two things happen-

  • The condition of your soil compromises the structural integrity of the pool.
  • It costs you colossal money to install the pool.

You need to leave the decision of determining the structural component of the pool on the shoulders of your pool contractor. 

However, from a budget perspective, there are two main things a contractor might find during swimming pool removal that can incur an unforeseen cost: rock and water. 

  1. How much dirt will be there?

During your project’s planning stage, you need to determine what you will do to the dirt. Generally, the majority o the homeowners do not have any concept of how much dirt can accumulate during a pool excavation. 

An average pool excavation will generate a pile of dirt that is the size of about five big garden sheds. That means it is significantly more than we can lose in a typical flat yard. The best plan is to take that stuff out of your backyard, so you are not stuck wheelbarrowing it on the weekends or need to hire someone else for clearing it. 

  1. What will happen to the yard?

It is impossible to figure out how to remove dirt, gravel, concrete, and water out of the backyard by a helicopter.  So, until you learn to make that impossible possible, you have to pull everything out of the backyard in an old-fashioned way, i.e., through the ground. We suggest using big trucks to drive out giant and bulky items. 

The reality is your access lane, and the yard might incur slight damages. You should remain prepared to bid farewell to most or all your green grasses around the pool. 

  1. Can I save money going for DIY?

Many homeowners think that they can save huge money by digging the hole themselves and let the pool contractor do the rest. Most of the pool companies will charge you double if you want to dig your hole. So, ensure you deal with a less dangerous company! 

The truth is you cannot save much by digging the hole, as the company will have to bring their machine to your site anyway to lift and set the pool. 

Bottom line:

You can see that a lot is going to happen in your backyard during your swimming pool removal. However, it is no doubt exciting doing a pool excavation and getting a new, fantastic pool. You will surely forget all dirty stuff related to the process once you start relaxing around your new pool with your family.