Thanks to stay-at-home orders, NC hospitals are equipped for next COVID-19 wave

NC restrictions accomplished a goal

I’m an ER nurse and aware daily of how our work environment has changed due to COVID-19. The governor’s stay-at-home order was specifically issued to “reduce the burden on the state’s healthcare facilities.”

According to N.C. DHHS website data, that has been accomplished. As of May 1, 6,325 of the state’s 18,565 hospital beds were available. So were 789 of 3,233 ICU beds and 745 of 3,204 ventilators.

DHHS data trends show there has not been a time during this first wave of COVID-19 when N.C. hospital resources have even come close to being overwhelmed. Politics aside, the stay-at-home order accomplished its stated goal.

No matter the date selected to loosen restrictions, there will be multiple waves of increased infection due to increased gathering. Our hospitals have handled the first wave successfully and have the capacity to handle the next.

Robert Powers, West Jefferson

Robert Powers
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