April 12, 2024


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The Best Narrow Wine Coolers That You Can Consider buying!

Some people love wine so much that they want to find a way to have tons of bottles stored in their homes at all times. A wine cooler, especially a red wine fridge, is not very difficult to find. You just need to look out for companies that have more positive customer feedback than others.

If you live in a small apartment, narrow wine coolers are an ideal choice for you. You wouldn’t have to worry about the space and you’ll get to have your wine stored in a cooler. There are many narrow wine fridge UK companies that tend to the needs of their customers. Scroll below to find out some of the best narrow wine coolers that you can buy!

Wine cooler by Antarctic star

This model will help with the interior decoration of your home in addition to cooling the bottles of wine. You have enough room in this cellar to store 18 bottles. If you have less inventory, you can adjust the six shelves to your liking. 

Thermoelectric cooling is used to power the device. The wine cooler provides an anti-vibration and chilly environment, preserving all of your wine’s flavour characteristics. The cooling method does not use any chemicals, making the product environmentally friendly.

Edgestar wine cooler

Even if it’s little, it’s nevertheless useful because seven bottles are more than enough for many wine enthusiasts who don’t want to amass a collection but rather enjoy their drinks at just the correct temperature. It only has one zone, but the cooler has a wide variety of temperatures to choose from, so it can accommodate any type of wine.

Thermoelectric wine cooler

This is another fashionable item, as many homeowners prefer the black style, which goes with practically any decor, whether modern or traditional. It also works as well as it looks. Because it can withstand extremely low temperatures, it can chill any type of wine. Just keep in mind that it only has one temperature zone, not several. While setting the temperature is simple, it must be done manually from inside the wine fridge. As a result, while toggling the switch, you may lose some chilly air. Moreover, you can make it built-in as per convenience.

Nutrichef wine chiller

The wine will be protected from light by the smoked glass front, allowing the ageing process to continue uninterrupted. Inside, the efficient system will keep your bottles cool, whether you’re keeping white or red wines, this product is temperature-controlled. A built-in fan circulates the cool air, ensuring that all of the bottles receive the same treatment. Because the temperature can change, it’s a good idea to check it on a regular basis.

Kalamera wine cooler

Kalamera is a well-known brand, and this model has space for 18 standard-sized bottles. Its best feature is its narrow design, which results in a compact footprint. This is ideal if you don’t have much floor room to spare. 

As you can see, the temperature range is wide enough to accommodate both red and white wines, making it a winner regardless of your choice.


All these wine coolers are made by trusted electric companies. No matter which of these you ultimately decide to buy, you’ll be served with good service and the best quality cooler.