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Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | May 28, 2022

Wandering tree roots can trigger complications when lawnmowing and a steep threshold like this is an incident waiting around to take place. Photo credit rating: Siriporn Pintunun/Getty Photographs (still left) and photograph by Thomas Boyd (correct)

In this week’s radio demonstrate, we’re providing suggestions on how to reduce a tripping hazard, deal with mason bees and deal with tree root problems.

Removing a Tall Concrete Threshold

This tall concrete threshold, or stem wall, is a severe tripping hazard. (Picture by Thomas Boyd)

The hooked up garage in Thomas Boyd’s Dimond Bar, Calif., residence was constructed with a stem wall, which would make the threshold at the doorway too tall. To enter, a individual has to action up and in excess of the almost six-inch threshold. 

He desires to know the ideal way to eliminate this tripping hazard.

I have found situations like this in advance of built a large amount improved by creating a ramp. Pour concrete on the outside of the stem wall for a 4 or 5-foot ramp. But which is not helping if the inside actions again down.

The stem wall can be slash out. I would take away the doorway and the frame then use a aspect grinder to lower on each aspect to extend the jamb down. Then, rating the base of the stem wall to make it simpler to hammer out. 

Last but not least, acquire a sledgehammer to crack off the stem wall at the slab. As lengthy as there is not any rebar going by that, it should really be quick to get rid of.

If you use the identical door, there’ll be about a six-inch void on the best of the door body. To fill that room, place ornamental crown molding on leading of the door, both equally within and out. This will make it seem intentional. Or, you could order a custom doorway, but that will be a pricier selection.

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Working With Mason Bees

Nesting mason bees can result in owners challenges, but they should not be eliminated entirely. (Antony Cooper/Getty Photos)

A caller states mason bees are taking in the brick mortar of her residence and nesting inside of. She desires to know how to evict them the moment and for all. 

Very first of all, the mason bees are not actually feeding on the mortar. They’re nesting inside cracks and crevices that are previously in the mortar. 

They are called mason bees simply because they are cavity-nesting bees. They’ll make their properties in any little gap, crevice, crack, or tunnel.

For the bees to be nesting inside her brick mortar, the cracks were being presently there in the initially put. The long-phrase solution will be to fill any spots in the mortar that are open up.

Do not use any pesticides to try out to eradicate them. These bees are useful to your back garden mainly because they are pollinators. 

Mason bees appear like honey bees but they really don’t make honey. And in contrast to honey bees, they really do not stay in colonies.

Having a mason bee home close by will distract them from nesting in your residence. (Mason Vranish/Getty Illustrations or photos)

To keep the bees from nesting in your brick mortar, you can create a bamboo mason bee dwelling. Glue pieces of bamboo alongside one another in a body and hang them in a tree upcoming to your household.

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Tackling Tree Root Complications

Exposed tree roots can bring about crooked pavers and harm a lawnmower. (Siriporn Pintunun/Getty Images)

Tree roots are interrupting a caller’s mowing routine and pushing pavers out of spot. Here’s what she needs to do.

If the quality of your residence will allow, set a few of inches of soil on best of the roots and plant some grass seed so you can mow around it.

If the roots are protruding way too large for grass to grow more than it, plant some groundcover crops or distribute mulch around them. That way, you won’t will need to fear about mowing that region.

For the roots in the vicinity of the pavers, contact an arborist before you minimize them. Some trees can tolerate their roots currently being reduce, but it can destroy some others. 

If the roots can be slash, pull up the pavers, slice the root out, then backfill it and switch the pavers.

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