May 21, 2024


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Understanding Replacement Windows: A Useful Resource from a San Diego Window Expert

Replacement Windows vs New Construction Windows

Don’t you hate it when you’re talking to someone about a topic with which they have some expertise and they start using terms that are completely unfamiliar to you? It can make it difficult to follow along with the conversation, or you can find yourself having to interrupt them to get clarification on the terms they’re using. Neither is a great option.

One San Diego replacement window company, BM Windows, decided to help homeowners avoid this when shopping for new windows for their homes. They created an online glossary of window terms.

BM Windows owner Michal Bohm, had this to say about the glossary on his company’s website, “While we try not to use insider lingo with our customers, sometimes it slips out. Other times, people see words and phrases they don’t understand in manufacturer brochures or online as they’re researching replacement windows. It can make things confusing. Most people have no reason to know what certain industry terms mean until it comes time for them to start looking into new windows for their homes. Then, they are confronted with all kinds of terms they’ve never heard before.”

Bohm continued, “We wanted to help people out by creating a glossary of industry terms that people might run into when they start researching replacement windows. When we started creating the glossary, we thought it might only contain a dozen or two terms and phrases, but as we got into it, we realized it was going to be a lot bigger than that! The final list contains almost 400 terms!”

BM Windows placed this glossary on their website, where it is accessible to anyone—not just their own customers in the San Diego area. The included terms are in alphabetical order, and each has a concise definition.

Bohm explains, “The average homeowner probably won’t ever use, or even need to understand, many of the terms in the glossary, but we wanted it to be comprehensive nonetheless. Some of the definitions aren’t as lengthy as they could be, but that’s on purpose. We wanted to keep them short and easy to understand. They should just be considered a starting point for people who want to do more research.”

When it comes to business websites, the BM Windows site is loaded with consumer resources like this. This makes sense, given the company’s emphasis on consumer education. Bohm says, “We believe that informed customers end up being much happier customers after their project is complete. This is because they have a good understanding of the products and the process. There are no unpleasant surprises.”

To learn more about replacement windows in San Diego, visit the BM Windows website.