Day: June 25, 2020

This experimental design studio used beetle-infested trees to 3D print a cabin

HANNAH, an experimental design studio, turned waste wood into a 3D printed house called Ashen Cabin. The aim of the project is to highlight how new manufacturing practices can play a role in upcycling waste. Tucked away in a forest in Ithaca, N.Y., HANNAH turned emerald-ash-borer-infested wood into a sustainable, usable material.

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is an exotic beetle that feeds on the inner bark of ash trees. An EAB infestation often results in the tree dying after one or two years. EAB has destroyed 40 million ash trees in Michigan alone since it was introduced in North America by way of Detroit in 2002. Once severely infested, these trees are categorized as waste wood.

HANNAH used high precision 3D scanning and robotics-based manufacturing technologies to transform the wood into a useable material. The house was completed in two phases.

First, the base, floor, chimney and interior fixtures

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At-home Fit Technology Is Helping Some Retailers Survive the Coronavirus

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Fit technology is helping some fashion brands weather the storm caused by the coronavirus

At-home try-ons, Zoom fitting sessions, three-dimensional body scans and other digital fit technologies have accelerated during the pandemic. With stores closed, retailers had no choice but to rely on e-commerce platforms for revenues. And even as more and more retailers reopen brick-and-mortar stores, the trend is likely to continue well into the future. 

“One of the drawbacks to COVID-19 is that people are going to be reluctant to be in stores — even after they reopen,” Jessica Couch, an apparel fit expert and founder of her own consulting firm Luxor & Finch, told WWD. “It’s just changed how people view shopping. 

“Traditionally, shopping was kind of social and consumers wanted to do it with their friends, to be out and about and all of these brands were inside

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