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Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2018

Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2018

Almost all digital marketers usually practice of having at any given point of time the numerous balls. They keep on the creation of strategies, successively running campaigns, and at the same time managing important communication channels. Fortunately, there are plenty of the digital marketing tools available online for making the rearranging task easily manageable. The followings

are the preferred Digital Marketing Tools that all the marketers should be aware of and use them in 2018.

Website Endurance Speed Test

The Prospective and probable customers look for the information as soon as possible, as people do not have time, in case it consumes more time they will not stay loyal to your website and just switch to a competitor. Providing Good user experience is crucial, it starts with the user and the first-hand experience of the website. The conversion rates are dependent on the time which gets wasted for the upload of the Page. In fact, just in case the pages load time more than three seconds, the bounce rates go up to 32% of it. Therefore, it is vital to have a tool to monitor the website endurance speed test. Just in case you find lesser traffic on the site or the bounce rates are more, it is time to recheck and

assess the speed.

2. Deploy Website Analytic Tool

One of the best analytic insight is provided by the Google Analytics. It is simple to deploy the small tracking code on all the pages of the website, and the FREE access to the performance data of the site is given. Even the demographics and location of the visitors can be monitored, comparison of the performance of the page, number of hits, the causes of bouncing, and many more aspects.

3. Customer Relationship Management of the Public Relationship Management

The Google Alerts provides an answer to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PRM (Partner Relationship Management) requirements of the website. It is very user-friendly. The only thing that one needs to do is to create an alert for the selected or the desired keyword. Google will send the email alert in case there is any mention on the internet pop up about the keyword. In case there is any mention of your product, the same can be discovered through an article on your social media. If there is some resentment being vented out about you then the same can be addressed.

4. Keeping an Eye on Social Media through Social Media Manager

Facebook also offers an in-house management tool for the same, but nowadays the social media dealings are not limited to a just a single platform like Facebook. It will be quite challenging to maintain the balance in the posting schedule, also monitoring and reviewing the performance later on across different social media pages. Fortunately, there are numerous management tools

available for the purpose like

  • HootSuite
  • Sprout Social
  • Buffer

5. Deploying Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a tested method of expending analytics to progress the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the website. The basic steps of the strategy are to collect the relevant data, create a measurable proposition, test your assumption, and appraise the results to measure effectiveness.

6. Employing the Graphic Design Tool

Many small businesses lack the budgets for hiring a full-time graphic designer, or even outsourcing the projects to the third-party agencies. The Canva provides access to everyone irrespective of the budget for beautiful graphic design templates.

7. Email Marketing Campaign Creator

Email marketing is one of the best and critically acclaimed mechanisms for the implementation for the success of digital marketing strategy. Existing and the prospective customers have given their consent for updates from you. Now it is an opportunity to build the trust and enhance the conversion rates.

The appropriate and right email marketing tool helps in customizing the templates, mechanize drip campaigns, and easily track results.

8. Utilizing the General SEO Tool

The tool should carefully be used for the purpose of crafting the digital marketing strategy for maximum benefits. The SEO or the Search engine optimization helps in controlling the content on your website and provides an incentive for the clicks. Utilizing the general SEO tool offers the services such as keyword research, research of competitor, analysis of the backlinks generated, Monitoring of PPC etc.