July 25, 2024


Creative meets living

Blue Heron Unveils Vegas Modern 001, a Visionary Home Designed to Inspire Joy, Wonder, and Emotional Well-Being

Award-winning Las Vegas-based design-led firm debuts revolutionary multisensory experience center, developed to amplify the modern lifestyle

Acclaimed design-led development firm Blue Heron has unveiled Vegas Modern 001 (VM001), the firm’s most ambitious undertaking. Named after Blue Heron’s innovative Vegas Modern™ design philosophy, VM001 is an industry achievement for residential design, expertly curating the way people relate to the experience of “home.” Priced at $28 million, VM001 is the most expensive new-construction listing in the history of Las Vegas.

“Design is a vehicle for communication, and our philosophy is about connecting with people on a deep emotional level,” explained Blue Heron CEO and Founder Tyler Jones. “VM001 is the culmination of our 17 years, pushing boundaries to amplify how our clients live. Our team’s imagination and ingenuity are on display across every inch of this immersive architectural experience.”

Located within the exclusive MacDonald Highlands community in Las Vegas, the 15,000-square-foot-home was designed, built, and furnished with a curated holistic approach by Blue Heron’s accomplished team of architects, interior designers, and builders. Every aspect of the project was conceived by Blue Heron, including the furnishings, water features, and landscaping. The three-level home will serve as Blue Heron’s experience center while the firm begins working on Vegas Modern 002, honoring a tradition of continuous experimentation and innovation.

VM001 seeks to decode the language through which human beings connect with their environment by communicating to individuals on an instinctive, primal level. An experience that unfolds in layers, VM001 enables guests to encounter purposeful interactions between space, form, and materials designed to elicit innate human emotions and an overall sense of contentment.

Biophilic design strategies dissolve the distinction between shelter and landscape as guests enter the home through a series of evolving spaces that capture the imagination and inspire wonder. The seamless integration between clean and natural environments connects people to the home in cognitively, physiologically, and psychologically restorative ways.

VM001’s aesthetic portrays a unique visual language featuring a butterfly roof and contrasting horizontal lines, a nod to local mid-century modern architectural forms that capture the essence of the contemporary American West. The metaquartzite stone that harmoniously clads both the exterior and interior is unique to Las Vegas and quarried just south of the city in the Mojave Desert. Modern, sophisticated living spaces are in constant dialogue with organic, natural materials, resulting in a feeling of relaxation, warmth, and comfort.

The home intentionally connects with the intrigue and glamour of Las Vegas, which is an important philosophical concept for Blue Heron. Las Vegas is an energetic and exciting metropolis perpetually innovating to entertain and captivate a modern audience. VM001 weaves the Strip’s culture of theatrical idiosyncrasies with the Mojave Desert’s natural aesthetic through stimulating spaces, the creative utilization of digital media, and a stunning visual connection to the Las Vegas skyline and surrounding Red Rock Mountains. The home is a genuine response to its time and place, including the surrounding natural environment and the social and physical construct of its namesake city.

Sophisticated yet casual, the living spaces in Vegas Modern 001 include a great room surrounded by water, a modern kitchen that thoughtfully integrates beauty and function, a master suite with an intimate and private outdoor environment, and a sky lounge providing a 360-degree view of the entire Las Vegas Valley. In addition, the state-of-the-art digital den features a 13.5-foot LED screen, which is large enough to be comfortably viewed from several of the primary living spaces.

Smart home technology is integrated at the highest level through a strategic partnership with Savant, an industry leader in home automation. All aspects of the home are controlled seamlessly through an interface carefully crafted to be intuitive and user-friendly, accessible through the home’s touchscreen panels or a smartphone. Savant will utilize VM001 as the company’s West Coast Experience Center to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of its novel technologies in climate, lighting, entertainment, security, and energy.

In addition, a groundbreaking energy management system from Racepoint Energy (a Savant Systems, Inc. sister company) optimizes a 118-kilowatt photovoltaic solar array. It utilizes a battery backup system to deliver automated power and storage functionalities, ensuring the home can operate even if disconnected from the grid.