May 21, 2024


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Do You Really Need Home Insulation?

4 Alternative Insulation Options For Your Home

You might have heard about home insulation before. There are a lot of people investing in insulation, and they are now enjoying many benefits because of it. What’s stopping you from choosing to have new or better insulation?

Benefits of Home Insulation

There are many benefits that home and other property owners experience because of home insulation. It improves the comfort of many living areas and environments. It does not matter the weather! Your home and building can shelter you better from the extremes in temperature. There are more immediate and long term benefits with the best home insulation.

All these benefits can happen with an insulation system that is installed the right way. This is why you would need to choose a qualified home insulation contractor. Here is a basic list of things you can enjoy with new and improved home insulation:

  • Energy costs reduction
  • Lessened moisture condensation
  • Reduced capacity and size of new mechanical equipment
  • Better process performance
  • Reduced pollutant emissions
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Greater return of investment
  • Fewer fire hazards

Energy costs reduction

Are you wondering why your bills are going out of control, even when you are not using too much power? Are you having trouble keeping cool during the summer and keeping warm during the winter? Does it seem like your heating, ventilating and air conditioning are not helping at all? Then it might be time to consider home insulation.

Uninsulated valves, bare pipes, or poor insulation contributes to a huge amount of energy lost every day! Believe it or not, you would save more once you have the right insulation. Hot pipes and other hot surfaces can have up to twenty times removed heat loss. Look for home insulation contractors that can design and install efficient home insulation. Once you have it, you would immediately see some changes in your house bills.

Lessened moisture condensation

Good insulation can also come with a vapor retarder. This will control condensation. It also helps to limit corrosion on cold piping, ducts, chillers, and roof drains. Insulation also helps to:

  • Keep surface temperatures above the dew point
  • Prevent moisture damage to the building
  • Prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Lower energy costs for chillers and refrigeration equipment

Moisture control will be crucial for areas in buildings like attics or basements. Combine your insulation with correct sealing techniques and you will see better moisture control.

Better protection for household members

Handling hot or cold equipment can increase the risks of accidents. Insulation will help protect everyone in the house from such risks. If you have businesses that use hot or extremely cold piping and equipment, you can benefit from insulation as well. Insulation reduces the temperature of piping or equipment to a safer level so workers will be protected.

Reduced pollutant emissions

You can help protect the environment through insulation. Well-made insulation will help you save on energy use. This means there will be less particulate, VOCs, CEs, NOX, SOX, carbon monoxide, mercury emissions. Since you will be reducing energy consumption, there will be fewer fossil fuels burned. Fewer fossil fuels used means there will be less carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emitted. Insulation helps protect the environment from these greenhouse gases.

Reduced noise levels

An insulation system helps reduce noise levels by:

  • Absorbing sound
  • Eliminating sound from the source
  • Helping create a peaceful environment

Insulation will help lessen sound from interior and exterior sources and will also absorb sound. Sound attenuation, or the limiting of sound propagation, needs some special and standard insulation materials to encase or enclose the sources of noise. It will form a sound barrier between the source of the noise and the surrounding area.

Greater return of investment

This is one of the biggest reasons why people decide to have home insulation installed. A quality home insulation gives you a quick payback through reduced bills and costs. You will even notice a great return on investment in the long run. Insulation is one of the best investments where the ROI is easy to measure. Maintaining your home insulation also ensures that your investment continues to pay off. The truth is, it costs more not to have insulation than to maintain it. You can expect a payback or quick ROI within six months to two years.