July 20, 2024


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How to Clean a Painted Deck with a Power Washer

If you are a single of these who like to choose care of points by your self, you may want to know how to cleanse a painted deck with a electricity washer. Just like most house improvement tasks, it’s critical to understand the appropriate treatments for electric power washing your atlanta house. Otherwise, your deck could stop up wanting even worse than when you begun. Alternatively than skipping in advance and assuming you know almost everything presently, these techniques will display you how to stay clear of problems that could harm a painted surface area.

cleaning deck with power washer

What NOT To Do When Electricity washing a Painted Deck!

Cleaning a painted deck can be a actual ache. You have to be thorough not to injury the paint and the deck’s surface, which is not generally uncomplicated. The appropriate procedure will make all the variation. If you adhere to these steps, you are going to get a great outcome!

  • Really do not use a electrical power washer with also significantly force. This will cause problems to your deck and may perhaps also wreck your paint task.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemical compounds on your deck unless exclusively made. This will also induce scratches and other problems that can damage your deck’s complete.
  • Do not use any pressure washer accessories that aren’t specially developed for cleaning decks (this sort of as nozzles).
  • You may possibly be tempted to get this finished as speedily as feasible, but dashing will only lead to more complications. Consider your time and comply with the steps down below diligently.

How To Electricity wash a Painted Deck and Not Harm the Paint

If you use a electric power washer to clear your deck, you might be fearful about damaging the paint. But with the suitable machines and cleaning system, you can safely and securely electric power clean a painted deck with out harmful the paint.

What You Will need

You will need to have a pressure washer, a garden hose, a deck brush, and delicate dish soap. We recommend utilizing our Strain Washer Cleansing Package.

Action 1: Clean up Your Deck With Soap and Water First

In advance of stress washing your deck, clean it with cleaning soap and water to clear away any dust or stains from the area. Use a backyard garden hose with moderate dish soap to spray down all surfaces of your deck. Ensure to rinse off all soap residue right before moving on to action two.

Phase 2: Secure Vegetation and Fences With Tarps

If your deck is linked to yet another structure (these kinds of as a fence or dwelling), protect those locations with tarps before starting since they are a lot more very likely to get strike by stray h2o droplets when you’re strain washing your deck. Area tarps above plants and fences so they really do not get soaked all through cleaning time if needed, tape them in put with masking tape, so they really do not blow absent in the course of winds or storms.

Move 3: Lower Force

The most effective way to electrical power wash a painted deck is to use a soft nozzle and lower pressure to avert your deck from becoming broken.

Step 4: Broader Spray

Not only will you use decrease strain, but the spray must be broader and much less immediate and harsh.

Move 5: Garden Hose

If you have a substantial deck, it is very best to energy clean it with a backyard garden hose and nozzle.

Action 6: Correct Idea

Use a comfortable spray tip on your hose or a h2o-tension washer with a gentle spray tip, these types of as 1 designed to clean up cars.

Phase 7: Top Down

Commence at the prime of the deck and get the job done your way down so that the pressure isn’t coming instantly on the paint.

Stage 8: Modest Sections

Work in smaller sections, then transfer on to larger sized sections as you achieve self confidence in how significantly stress you can use with no detrimental the paint complete.

The Superior Selection

The best way to use a power washer on a painted deck is to have a skilled do the function. They have expertise working with out stripping the paint, and they know how to clear and shield your deck’s end appropriately.

Although you can do the get the job done your self, hiring a skilled is substantially significantly less problem. They can set up, clear up, and crack down significantly much more quickly than Diy, in addition you will not chance energy washing off paint. If you do the get the job done and “mess up,” you may well require to get on a significantly much larger undertaking of ability washing off ALL the paint.