September 27, 2023


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Prevent Bed Bug Infestation-Take Control of Your Home Today

How to Find Bed Bugs and Get Rid of Them - Take Care Termite

Having bed bugs is a scene from a nightmare. Not only they will live in your house, make it dirty but also live off of drinking your blood. 

Taking care of bed bugs is not a matter of a joke because they come small in size and can enter a home easier than any other pest. But there are some ways to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. If you follow these precaution tips, you can easily prevent bed bug infestation and refrain from calling pest control services.

Stop Bed Bugs from Entering Your Home

These are the tips that may save you from the trouble of hosting bed bugs at home. Follow these tips thoroughly and always keep an open eye.

Stop Buying Second-Hand Furniture and Clothes-Bed bugs cannot survive in the open air as they need shelter and human blood to live. And that’s why; they seek shelter in furniture, clothes, and other places which offer them easier connection human. Furniture like cushioned table, chair, etc is the best hiding place for them. So, ensure not to buy a piece of second-hand furniture, and if you do then do a proper inspection of it.

The same goes for second-hand clothes. Do a proper searching for any kind of pests, especially bed bugs. They can hide in the folds of clothes, on the collar, and inside the pocket, so look out for these hiding spots.

Check A Hotel Room Before and After Leaving- Checking-in in a hotel room without ensuring its safety is one of the worst decisions you could’ve made. As from there, bed bugs can transport through you and your luggage to enter your home. Hence, it will be better if you check the room properly before entering the room. Also, ensure to check your entire luggage when you are leaving the room, and remember that these bugs can hide in every little space.

Check All the Grocery Bags-This is the most overlooked step by people. We don’t check the shopping bags when we leave the shopping mall. And that’s how our home can get affected by bed bugs. Look out for the cartons, paper bags, and other products that are made of paper before entering the home to be safe.

It’s too late for you, isn’t it? Bed bugs have already entered your home with a force and now you are afraid to sleep or sit. Don’t worry as we have a solution for that as well. Apply these tips in the bed bug-affected areas to kill these nuisances now.

Make Use of Your Freezer: Applying a cold compress on the affected things would be a great way to solve beg the bugs problem. But we don’t mean throwing all your stuff on the freezer. First, take a zip lock bag and then put all the clothes, cushions, and other affected things in it before putting the bag inside the freezer. Ensure to keep the temperature at 0°F otherwise, it will not work. Leave it for 30 minutes and then take the bag out.

Use Your Heater: Just like the freezer would take care of the problem, your heater would also be capable to kill all the bugs without much hassle. Place all the things in the hater at 130°F for at least 30 minutes; it should be enough to kill all the insects. Then by using a vacuum cleaner gets rid of the residue and the dead bugs.

Contact A Professional: If the problem is getting out of hand or you just don’t want to handle such a messy situation then contacting a professional pest service would be better. Ecoguard is one of the best pest control agencies when it comes to taking care of bed bugs. Not only that, they are located in various areas, so there will be no worries regarding convenience.

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