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Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Review

Scrub Daddy Moist Duster Evaluate

A minor whilst back, we acquired a box of goodies from the excellent persons above at CleanHQ and we’ve been active screening them all out – You can checkout our current review of the First Scrub Daddy here! Now, we examination out the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster to see just how well it compares to conventional types of dusting all around the dwelling.

I’m made use of to employing a mix of a classic duster with an extendable deal with and a damp fabric to dust all-around the dwelling. Now, the duster bothers me because it generally just moves the dust all-around fairly than getting rid of it completely so this has ended up being just a useful tool for obtaining rid of spiderwebs or specks off the ceiling. I use a damp cloth to wipe away dust off surfaces and then rinse it out and toss it into the laundry.

Damp Duster Review
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When I initially noticed the Damp Duster, I imagined to myself “Well, how will this be any different to applying a damp cloth to thoroughly clean?” Immediately after all, I continue to have to include humidity to it and clear it immediately after every single use…


Properly, I was quite astonished at just how useful and powerful the Moist Duster essentially was in comparison to my typical techniques of dusting my dwelling Soon after incorporating humidity to the sponge, I went in advance and wiped down my timber furniture. You will notice in the video clip underneath that I have timber furnishings with tons of grooves and texture to it. Cleaning these surfaces with a damp cloth was ok but I most certainly noticed a couple vital discrepancies when employing the Moist Duster alternatively that I hadn’t realised were a problem right before: A moist fabric won’t really decide on up ALL the dust and filth, especially not in any grooves on textured surfaces and secondly, I have to toss it in the washing machine right after every single use.

The place the Damp Duster was distinctive was that dust and dust right away hooked up itself to the sponge, producing cleansing up substantially more successful. After all that yucky stuff had seemingly grow to be just one with the Moist Duster, all I had to do was rinse it off below the tap.

That was it.

I was carried out.

Up until finally this place, I had not realised how inefficient and very frankly, irritating my cleaning procedure was just before. The video underneath shows the process from start out to finish – I need to point out that I had deliberately disregarded dusting this piece of home furnishings for about a month (gross!) for the objective of this overview to make guaranteed I experienced a very good, dusty surface area to do the job with!

The ridged facet of the Moist Duster was Perfect for having into that timber grain and pulling out all individuals disgusting dust particles. I didn’t have to go above the surface area with a dry fabric possibly, it was just so a lot additional productive than I experienced at any time envisioned! Immediately after all that, I just gave it a rinse and squeeze and that was it, it was clean and I was accomplished. The Moist Duster can be re-made use of around and above all over again, generating it a significantly improved in good shape for cleaning up around the property than disposable possibilities – Surely a enormous moreover in my ebook!

If you are like me, asking yourself just how this very little sponge can be an powerful substitute for making use of a moist cloth, do oneself a favour and attempt it out. I can guarantee that you will be just as pleasantly amazed as I was at how considerably a lot more productive and cost-effective the Damp Duster truly is. The Moist Duster can be utilised to cleanse both equally flat and textured surfaces, blinds, baseboards, mirrors and a lot more!

CleanHQ shares an impressive choice of cleansing merchandise for the dwelling. What I like about their range is that most objects can be re-utilized with negligible fuss, doing absent with solitary-use and disposable cleansing items from the property. Aside from this remarkable quality, their cleansing goods are unbelievably efficient and so significantly from what I have skilled, they truly do deliver on their guarantees!

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Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Review
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