May 20, 2024


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Smart Whipped Cream Choices for You Now

If you work in confectionery, you’ve probably had a disagreement with whipped cream. He passed the point and turned into butter, went crazy and didn’t give a point, painted the doubt of how long he can stay in the freezer and if he can stay in the freezer, the right time to beat and so on. Calm down, thathappensit happened. At the end of the reading you will be an expert in whipped cream.

Storage of whipped cream

It is essential to check on the product packaging the information on storage to know whether or not it can be frozen, how long it can stay in the freezer, how long the product needs to stay in a cold place for its perfect performance. There is no point in putting the whipped cream in the freezer to speed up the process or “freeze faster”. It is essential to follow the instructions for use of each product, so you guarantee part of the success of your recipe and avoid silly mistakes. You can use Nitrouos Oxide whip cream chargers with a whipped cream dispenser to quickly and easily whip cream with no manuall effort.

Whipped cream

There is no use counting from 7 to 10 minutes. The right spot for whipped cream is not measured in beat time. This will depend a lot on your mixer and the brand of whipped cream you are going to use, for example. The whipped cream should always be beaten at medium speed and you need to know, know the right point of the whipped cream for application in the cake topping, decoration with pastry nozzles, fillings, execution of flowers, among others. And we move on to the last and not least tip for using whipped cream.

Brand of whipped cream

The brand makes all the difference in taste, consistency, storage (evaluate the instructions on the packaging), durability and appearance of the product. Therefore, always choose a good quality brand, it will make all the difference in your work and will certainly guarantee many others.

Many people ask how to make or beat the whipped cream, first of all use good quality whipped cream, be it vegetable industrial whipped cream (professional) or whipped cream made with fresh cream or cream (the one with bottles from the refrigerated market session), industrial vegetable whipped cream is easier to make cakes, and to beat as well, just follow the instructions on the packaging, there are several brands on the market hour always turning the box, beat at medium to low speed until it forms a hole in the middle of the bowl when lifting the mixer, if the mixer is planetary from Arno use at speed 1 and 2 (it will depend on the speed of your mixer).beat a little bit of whipped cream firmly and mix or add powdered milk until it is firm, if it becomes too porous, just by ice water or whipped cream without beating and stirring with your hand, if left over you can freeze shake, to defrost and leave in the refrigerator and beat again, you can use dye gel or powder suitable for whipped cream. 

Last Words

Already the fresh whipped cream requires more care, the fresh cream must be very cold, the bowl and whisk of the mixer also, beat with sugar as you ask in the packaging form a hole when lifting the beater, stop beating, do not be tempted to beat a little more, as it will turn to butter. 

Also make sure the bowl beater is not bent or loose (this for planetary,these whipped cream are better on the planetarium) as in industrial whipped cream there is an emulsifier in the ingredients he needs the rim whisk to air emulsify and grow, if you hit with the shovels it doesn’t grow as much, and to take the air out just hit it a little bit at low speed, or stir in a speculated way to let out the air.