July 25, 2024


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Which electronic devices help to keep your family bond?

How (and When) to Limit Kids' Tech Use - Smarter Living Guides - The New  York Times

Keeping a family life while going about our day to day activities in this digital age is hard. Modern technology has made it such that people find it easy to keep up with friends and acquaintances than family. If you fall into this trap, you do not have to worry, neither do you have to dislike modern technology. You can get some high-quality time with your family using modern technology. You will enjoy using your strengthening your family bond and the flexibility that comes with modern technology.

Television or computer
Your television or computer can be a real high-tech that helps strengthen your family bond. Given that you all have your businesses to pursue, you can decide to rent some great movies from the cinema or subscribe to Netflix and have a lovely time together with your family.  You should make this a constant practice so that you can enjoy it. You can take turns watching one another’s favourite. That way, no one will be left out and want to miss out on your family times. Besides that, you can watch a family-focused movie that extols the virtues that keep a family together such as love, commitment, selflessness, personal discipline, longsuffering, etc. Such movies will encourage you all the more to stay together because family is the constant that is always present.

Your phones are the fastest and least stressful means of connecting with your family. You can easily pick up your phone and call a distant cousin you have long spoken with or text your child, wishing them geoduck for the day. Besides, there are instant messaging apps that make communication a whole lot easier. For instance, you can easily set up a Facebook group or a WhatsApp group chat exclusively for members of your family. That way, you all can easily keep up with each other. The same way you like, share and comment on your friends’ posts on Facebook, Twitter and the likes, you can do that for your family members too. You keep the conversation going both in public and in private. There are a whole lot of technologies available on your phone. You can download free conferencing apps that enables smooth video calling and keep in touch with your family. It is left to you to maximize the potentials of your phone. You can also read how Google assistant is helpful in helping you find the right places you can lodge to spend more time with your partner.

Video consoles
If you have been looking for a near-perfect bonding experience for you and your family, this is it. You do not have to involve in online vicious deathmatches to help you bond with your kids or spouse; countless other video games encourage mutual respect and collaboration. It is advisable to play such games so that they will help your kids have the right attitude. Kids especially love video games; they can play them day in day out. No matter how old you are, it is easier for you to find something both you and your kids will love. If you are not conversant with playing video games, that makes the experience more interesting; get your kids to teach you. During these times, both you and other family members learn the importance of supporting one another, having fun with one another and why family members should complement each other, instead of competing with each other.

Electronic reading devices such as iPads
Reading is a practice that helps to broaden the horizons of the mind, help one to build a broader vocabulary, increase the understanding of the language one uses, build strong memory skills, ignites the imagination and exposes the world with its deeper nuances to people. For the sake of your kids especially, you should incorporate reading into your family time together. You can read an unlimited number of books on Amazon Kindle, etc. Through reading discussions, you get to know the perspectives your kids hold dear and whether such perspectives are inimical or not. Besides, family time will not only be about catching up with one another but also building intellectual capacity, a highly needed resource for thriving in this season.

As much as modern technology can nurture and help you cherish your family bond, it will not work by itself. In other words, you must take the initiative to use the electronic devices you have towards the betterment of your family. Even if you subscribe to Netflix or use the greatest movies, they will not watch themselves. You all have to be around so that you can make the most of that experience.