July 13, 2024


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Why Sanya Lopez feels like a ‘First Lady’ in her home network

Television star Sanya Lopez has been with GMA since the start of her showbiz career. Many people wonder why she remains loyal to her mother studio after all these times. 

“It feels great to be loyal to a station that loves and takes very good care of you,” she avers. “I owe the Kapuso whatever popularity I enjoy at present. They have given me the big breaks and they’re the reason why I’m in my present stature.”

The Sparkle artist also believes the network sees the dedication she puts into every work project assigned to her. She also always gives her best in every role given to her.

Sanya Lopez remains loyal to GMA because the network loves and takes very good care of her.

Speaking of work, who among GMA’s present roster of stars does she want to collaborate with in a project in the future?

“Well, I would say it’s Alden Richards and Bea Alonzo. It’s my wish that I’d be able to share the screen with them in the coming days. I guess it’s every star’s dream to work with Bea. She’s my idol even before. As a matter of fact, all of my audition pieces then were culled from her previous films. As for Alden, we’ve already worked before. But these were mostly hosting stints and a guest appearance in Encantadia. This time around, if possible, I want to work with him for a longer period. I hope it’s in a telserye.”

As for her dream role, the 25-year-old star aims to play challenging characters on the small screen.

“I want something that will require heavy acting. For example, that of a mentally challenged individual or a person with a serious illness. That way, I will not only hone my acting chops but also explore the lives of people caught in that situation.”

In the future, does she also want to venture into business?

“If given the chance, I would love to have my own clothing line. I’m fond of designing clothes. Most of these have simple and minimal designs. I just play with color combinations.”

Considering the role she plays in her currently airing top-rating soap opera First Lady, does she see herself entering politics eventually?

“As of now, I can’t really say. It’s hard to enter something in which you don’t have any experience yet. It hasn’t entered my mind yet. Becoming a First Lady? Well, if someone who’s bound to become president someday would ask to marry me, why not?”

Lastly, what can she say that at this point, she is being considered as one of the queens of her mother studio due to the success of her shows, particularly First Lady?

“To be honest, I haven’t thought about it! I feel that I still have a long way to go to be called such legitimately. My stature is still far from the real GMA queens. But I’m happy and my heart is full knowing that there are those who appreciate what I do for the network, including the viewers,” ends the First Lady star.

Sanya hopes to take on more challenging roles with heavy acting in the future

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Rocco Nacino and wife Melissa Gohing are expectant parents. The couple just staged their baby’s gender reveal, and Rocco thanked everyone who took the time to greet them. This early, the two are already excited with the thought that they will be having a baby boy. 

“Yes, we are thrilled that it’s a baby boy. I guess everyone knows it’s what we want from the start. We’re very vocal with that,” he says.
Interestingly, do they already have a name for their firstborn?

“We’re still doing research, but we already have a list.”

How about the set of godparents?

“When it comes to that, yes, we’re in the process of talking to individuals whom we like to be the godparents of our child. We can’t divulge their identities as of now though.”

The actor is presently focused on the pregnancy of his wife.

“Melissa is on her 22nd week and will soon enter her trimester. I really take extra good care of her at this point,” states Rocco.