July 20, 2024


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Yishun Sapphire for Sale: Be Close to Where Everything Happens

Yishun Sapphire for Sale: Be Close to Where Everything Happens

Marvel at the splendour of condos in the Yishun Sapphire for sale. This elegant condominium complex offers 380 well appointed units for you to make your home. It offers resort style living the whole year round that gives you a chance to sit back and relax on your days off. There are so many amenities that are being offered by this incredible property that people give it excellent ratings. You would be able to easily commute to major attractions in the city without feeling the hustle and bustle of city life.

With only 380 units available, this means that there are less people who would have to share in the amenities offered by this property. Looking at the Yishun sapphire for sale, it has tennis courts, karaoke bars, indoor spa, steam rooms, pavilions and a huge infinity pool complete with children’s pool and slides. It is a sure guarantee to satisfy every member of the family. Imagine being able to enjoy these services the whole year round. This is especially great for children and young adults since they would be able to lounge in the pool area after school. It is great for adults as well. Being able to experience spa services after a stressful day at work would help you relax and unwind.

Transportation is not a problem when looking at the Yishun Sapphire for sale. It offers free shuttle service to Yishun MRT, the Northpoint mall and Chong Pang market. This gives residents a chance to freely commute to these destinations. For residents who want to travel to other destinations, there is a bus stop just outside the back entrance of the property. It allows for easy access to public transportation. Residents would be able to easily travel to the city since the MRT stations are just a shuttle ride away.

If you have a family, looking at the Yishun sapphire for sale is the best choice for you. The location of this establishment is near several schools. The strategic site of this complex is also near international schools which is perfect for expats. The 24 hour security that encompasses the property is a definite plus. It gives the residents a warm feeling that they are safe from harm since the property is under constant surveillance. There are 3 and 4 bedroom units that are available which is perfect for a small family. The ample living space gives everyone a chance to enjoy their own little corner in the unit. With condos in the Yishun sapphire for sale, owning one would make everyday feel like a holiday.