July 20, 2024


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Upgrade Your Home & Work Space Decor For Better Mental Health

If you’re like most Americans you’ve been spending a lot more time at home during the last two years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Chances are your work and home space may have merged. That alone can be anxiety-inducing. And with some calling this the end of in-office working as we know it—it may be about time to upgrade your home decor for your mental health.

You may be surprised about how much your surroundings effect things like mood, productivity and overall mental health. For instance, one 2016 NIH study found that even choosing bright colors for walls can help with concentration. Harvard Medical School also advises that having an organized and decluttered home space can help with stress relief.

Home design isn’t just about furniture preferences, — decor has an effect on happiness, state of mind, and even your temperature in a given room. Moreover, Chloe Taylor—a journalist for Psychology Tomorrow magazine, says “Although the bond between interior design and our emotions has gained much attention in the last decade, this form of environmental psychology [existed] for thousands of years now – the Indian Vastu Shastra, the Chinese Feng Shui, etc……scientists are finding the most incredible results. They have shown the ability of interior design elements to evoke a positive or negative emotional response in people. These findings open the door to design spaces that consciously manipulate decorative elements with the goal of encouraging creativity, peace, and happiness.”

Who doesn’t crave a more peaceful space? And while HGTV and other interior design shows make it look so easy, it really isn’t. Havenly—the largest custom interior design service online suggests incorporate mindfulness in to your home design and clearing the way for calm. Havenly is also here to help you do that.

Founded by Lee Mayer & Emily Motayed— Havenly is perhaps the most innovative home design service, allowing consumers to design their homes from anywhere there is wifi with the help of a professional interior designer.

The Washington DC born and bred sisters and former business consultants created Havenly out of necessity. When Emily was trying to design her NYC apartment at an economical price point she couldn’t believe there wasn’t a service to help. She found herself constantly reaching out to her sister to ask her opinion. Eventually, both moved into their own new homes and had trouble designing their space and shopping for decor in addition to their already busy schedules. Thats when they created Havenly.

If you’re looking to create a more peaceful and happy home with decor, you can start by taking the Havenly style quiz. The app will then pair you with interior designers that match your style. Complete and launch your room profile, wherein you provide room photos, dimensions, inspiration photos, and share more about your space and style. Sharing your ideas around creating a home that incorporates mindfulness with your designer is important. Within 48 hours you’ll receive your first concept helping to narrow down the exact look for your home. Once youve agreed on the design, you simply add the selected items to cart and they are shipped directly to you. In about a week a complete design can be rendered. The best part of the entire process is that it’s affordable.

Your home should be your physical and mental sanctuary. Will an aesthetically pleasing, tranquil home space resolve everything? No, but it is a quick and affordable place to start. To start the process Checkout Havenly.com

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